Need some help to submit your Loan?

Whether you're a Broker with an Investor Guarantor that's still learning the ropes or you're a seasoned independent Investor Guarantor that simply wants to maximize their efforts and focus on one or multiple projects, our AIM (Acclaim Investment Membership) program has several options that can make your life and investing experience much easier and a lot more fun!

If you are new to the real estate investment arena it is crucial you get with a seasoned mentor that has a vested interest in your success. If you already have some experience but want to continue expanding your growth and returns, then a fresh perspective or loan coordination with an AIM mentor can have great impact as well. 

As a Direct Private Lender, one of our main core values and drivers is continued investor awareness and market growth so our communities can flourish together.

What all does the AIM program provide?

AIM will support or handle as many aspects of your Investor guidance, loan preparation, origination or onsite scheduling as you request. Your personal AIM mentor will review your request and offer a quote depending on the complexity and timeframe requirements of the service request. If ongoing Investor Guarantor Mentorship is requested an affordable monthly membership subscription is also available.
How is AIM different from underwriting?
It is the obligation of the Investor Guarantor to produce the necessary underwriting documentation, appraisals, permits and site studies. If these documents are not prepared or scheduled properly the loan may be delayed or even denied as a result of inaccurate, insufficient or incomplete information which along with appraisal discrepancy is often the most common cause of loan denial. 
Does AIM really make a difference?
Our Brokers and Investor Guarantors have found that final approval and closing percentages significantly increase by taking advantage of our program. Some refuse to do it any other way! 
Who is responsible for Docs, Appraisals and Site Studies?
The Investor Guarantor is ultimately responsible for any third-party requirements or fees such as appraisals, permits or project feasibility studies which can also be supported by AIM.  
Can I use AIM for a third party loan or service?
The AIM program services are designated for Investor Guarantor use to obtain financing with Acclaim Funding, LLC and are intended for that purpose. AIM is not a commitment to fund and may not be held liable for any Investor Guarantor or third party loan denial, loss of income or claim as a result of the service or documents provided and makes no representations on behalf of the Investor Guarantor or Acclaim Funding, LLC.