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The amount of compensation earned depends on the Associate Broker’s level of involvement and the loan scenario. As a Direct Private Lender, Acclaim Funding takes a common-sense approach to underwriting. Acclaim Funding can pre-approve your deal within 24-hours of receiving a completed application package. Finally, Acclaim Funding protects registered Associate Brokers by disclosing and sharing all fees on the LOI (Letter of Interest) and CLA (Conditional Loan Approval) agreements. Fees are paid on the HUD, with a check sent directly to the broker at closing.  

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1. You can click here to Submit Loan or on the menu to your left with or without a deal so you can become a Registered Member.

2. Download the Associate Broker Agreement Here then upload it along with your details and your deal into the BLN System along with the supporting documents required on the Loan Checklist we provide.  

3. Then just access the MEMBER LOGIN link on your registered Membership confirmation email to upload loan documents, view updates or make changes at any time. 

Helpful Hints

Hint: If you want your loans to close quickly the Checklist we provide is the key! Members with prepared loan packages and properly informed guarantors will always get the most attention. Remember, this a relationship business and referrals are our lifeblood so be detailed and professional in your approach.

Hint: We are a Direct Private Lender so rates are at times competitive but will typically be higher than bank rates and lower than most of our competition.

Hint: We do not charge upfront fees to review a loan scenario. If we find that the loan scenario meets our initial criteria we will issue the guarantor an LOI (Letter Of Interest) that will itemize all terms, conditions, costs, and loan origination and commitment fees associated which vary based on the qualifications of the guarantor and complexity of the loan. 

Member Support

As a valued Member our US Based Support Team is available to you 24/7 at (646) 797-3034 or Chat with us.


All referral fees, related compensation, and participation in the Affiliate Broker Program are subject to the broker’s level of involvement and the loan scenario and to all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Acclaim Funding, LLC may not be held liable for any third-party broker, affiliate or intermediary fees not disclosed in the Commitment Letter or HUD.